Blog #49

Geeze Louise, we are already getting lots of questions on these new vehicles. Guess I didn’t put everything in that people wanted to know.  I think I talked too much, but here’s answers to questions the gals  have been asked. Yes, they have Battery powered headlight and tail light IF you stay out too late!  No, they do not have turn signals. Yes, they have same stainless steel foot platform as the original vehicles, and front cowl still there. If you have any other question, call the gals cause I can’t remember much more. Just one I forgot, the front wheel drive carries 400 lbs and the rear wheel drive still carries 550 lbs.

The presidential circus continues to hold  interest. The clown talked too much and fell from his high wire as the elephant balances Pinocchio up the hill on his trunk trying to avoid tripping over the puppets growing nose.  The third juggler is spinning around on his one hope unicycle trying to get somewhere. Meanwhile Jack and Jill run up the other side of the mountain hand in hand but hitting each other and us on the head with a bucket of empty promises.  Well one has some green stuff in her half of bucket.  If the clown would only follow his silent majority lead and shut up, he might have a chance. If Pinocchio didn’t have the elephant on his side he would never make center stage and the uni-cyclist,  who watches him whilst the others do prat falls and  mirror and smoke voodoo magic . I won’t see another comedy act like this in my lifetime.  Does anyone think the one of these 5  who  survives this fiasco deserves to become  President of our Wonderland  called America?

Where is beetlebomb?





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