Blog #47

I lost my last @#!!!&** Blog. Maybe it’s a good thing. Or someone of the 4 that use my computer didn’t like my thoughts on the TV circus of presidential candidates. The only thing I remember in it was noting the hypocrites, liars, loud mouthing and not to forget the journalists rolling around in that dung heap to get some attention for themselves. Remember voters, they are all practicing their prowess to remain or become a politician.

In  case you didn’t read my last blog, I was telling you how we cut down to bare bones  our big machines. Weight was cut by using hub motor instead of the go anywhere heavy transaxle drive. Also batteries are much smaller and lighter. They are sealed. We  are not able to offer the 50 mile, range but 20 will get  most people where they want to go. Charger is now only about 4″ x 4″ in size. Take it with you  and charge scooter when you get to your destination. That will increase your range if you are  in doubt. I kinda like to think of the new vehicles as you’re “driving by the seat of your pants”,  but that doesn’t sit so well with marketing. D. Trump is rubbing off on me.   Speed stayed the same. Percent of safety decreases rapidly after the 13MPH threshold.  My personal insistence  (seldom heeded)  on  the large rear basket withstood the cut.  We have offered  4 choices in these configurations:  An Independence front wheel hub drive or Independence rear 2 wheel drive.  The Twosome offers the  same choices:  Front wheel Drive or hub motor on each rear wheel.  If you want more info like pricing, look on the Palmer Lite page of our   website.

I’ll finish up the changes made next  time with more details.

This stinker computer warns me of word limit approach. Be careful what you wish for!


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