Blog # 46

Can you believe this Weather?  Here in Endicott, NY, we had 64 degrees in February and yesterday it was78 degrees. I believe, I believe.

I’ve gotten  questions via  phone as to my blog. I’ll answer one of the very few right now and  clear the air.

Why don’t I allow  readers to respond on my blog? – I did at first and within 3 weeks I had over 300 comments on my page. The majority had nothing to do with my blog. They were attempting to sell or promote their own  products using my space and time.  One  third didn’t make any sense what so ever.   And  the few that actually read and commented on the blog, must have been English teachers checking my mistakes with a joyous flourishing of their red pencils. Hello, It’s not a dissertation.

There, one down.   On to my trials and tribulations in this business. The hub motors are  selling pretty well because of my fine salesman , pen and ink, NOT!!  Word of mouth, the best sales technique in the world,  is what’s getting these hub motor kits out  the door.  The product itself is doing the work making sales.

One of the new products I mentioned in  a previous  Blog is starting up now.  So many people want and many really need outdoor transportation but the yahoos in Congress  who are not disabled won’t help you pay for it.  We decided one  way to get  some of our vehicles  out there to those who need it was to cut  the single seat Independence and the two seat Twosome down to it’s most necessary items, we’re talking bare bones here. Many people don’t need to climb the steepest hills in San Francisco. Nor do they need to go 50 miles.  Lights, we consider a safety factor  and fortunately the new clip on LEDs are super good.  We whittled down as much as we could and our prices are almost cut in half, and yes,  we continue to make our large more powerful ones.  Some of us like Fords, some like Cadillacs. I will continue this with better explanation, next blog.

Far over my past interest word count.










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