Blog # 44


This blog was written a couple months ago, then we lost our Blog contact. Seems we updated something and the Blog didn’t climb with it.  Now, both the blog and I are  updated.  Back up my dears, BACK UP!!

One of my favorite singers Birthday is around now. She was without a doubt one of the toughest females who could handle everybody but herself. She was addicted to drugs, bad men choices, alcohol and insincere people who used her, abused her, stole from her, lied to her and yet she could sing with all the heart and soul of Judy Garland. She did it in her Jazz style and Blues. She died at 44. Happy 100th Eleanor Fagan Hoag otherwise known as Billie Holiday.

The only  thing one can count on in life is change. So here was our next change at the PI. We had now switched to  attachable hub motor kits for customers trikes and  bikes. We  also  switched our  Commander  and Shopper Trikes  over to the Hub Motors.  Made a big difference in performance, easier to operate and less wear  on tires as it was no longer friction  drive. The kits have more power than before and the controller is  no  longer that thing that looks like a black, perforated tin  can step down system; it’s solid state. Oh the beauty of progress. The change of motor  kits and  the Shopper and Commander trikes requires no engagement lever as  before. What the dickens do we do with  all those boxes of Engagement  Levers we had formed? The kit sales are beginning to pick up. But this season is our slow time so we are now concentrating on two new products. Same ole, Same ole, but with different power source and hot dog, less expensive retail price.  Am not suppose to talk  about it yet. Toodle Loo for now.


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