Blog #42

The testing continued…

Seems I left us under a dark cloud.
That was the good part of the next 45 minutes. The later it got, the more autos passed by. And now the wind was picking up the dust from shoulder’s edge every time they went by encompassing me in little cloud of dirt. Smilin Jack came by too. My arms were tired, my throat, dry and scratchy, my body stiff while the little Hub motor that thought it could, did. To add to my comfort, big splots of cold rain began to land on my dusty hair. I was down near the hangers when I decided I’d had enough even if cycle wanted to go further. I hadn’t seen JP on my homeward journey. The trike didn’t slow even as it pulled me up the slight hill of our drive into the garage. There sat the bike rider. With his glance up he said, Well it finally quit on you. Did Not, Did Not I yelled while peeling my wet cold sweater off of a stuck to my skin cotton sleeveless blouse. Seems the bike had started to slow so was brought home while it still had power. I announced I was too uncomfortable to test till it quit. He said it had gone far enough to prove a good range. We’ll test it a couple more times, then machine test it. I must admit it did very well both range and speed wise but who would sit that long on a trike? Not this Senior Citizen! We did switch to the Hub motor. It was a good move but, more work than I expected. What some small businesses have to put up with a change is so much more time consuming than a large company has to. I remember when I worked as long distance operator for the telephone Co. in Syracuse NY. The powers †hat were decided to move one piece of equipment to other end of the long line of operators. It was the operational part that allowed me to set up the transfer of AP photos from their place of origin to our Syracuse Post Standard and Herald Journal newspapers.
I left work late that Friday afternoon and came in for my Saturday evening shift.
Voila, it was done!
A small business owner, his wife, and son, would, after a full days work, have begun the chore themselves that evening. One wears many hats trying to build a business.

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