Blog #40

hybridblogIf you both don’t mind, I’d like to skip a few years of the business. I can’t seem to remember the years we were adding little improvements to the Model 24 scooters. Nor can I find JP’s little black books to assist the memories so we’re going to be winging it for a while. I do remember what I thought about selling a hybrid scooter .
The guys at the shop worked on it for quite sometime.The longer it took, the more I wondered who would want a vehicle that could go that far and further if you made pit stop at gas station to fill’er up. Didn’t sound too practical for women as one has to pull start the little generator on back. Most of us aren’t that energetic. The positive side, you always had a fairly quiet power source for a few of your necessities if your house power goes off. It surprised me to see how many were purchased that first year. I asked a few hybrid customers and it seems most wanted to have it as a spare backup. In Midwest, it’s an insurance policy against power outage for their home.
I think only time will tell how good the idea is and with the crazy weather as of late, indicator may edge to positive side. I can tell you some things I do like about it. It is fairly quiet when it runs and it only takes 3/4 of gallon of gas. Some think it is an electric motor and then switches to a gas motor. Not so. The generator simply recharges the batteries as you go along your way. No gas motor in the Palmer Hybrid.

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