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If anyone is reading this, sorry for delay.  I took a super ski vacation to Colorado. 12 days. Completely exhausted me.  Well worth it and I’m so old, I ski for only the $35 tax fee. Used to be free, but hey, they gotta survive in these tough times. I am an Expert Faller and take brown bag lunch in my ski jacket.  My BLT looks like a pizza by the time I eat it with my purchased lunch, which is a beer.  The top of Vail, 11,547 feet, is as close to heaven as this old bird will get.

Back to business.

Hello-the money that the “book” said was supposed to be flowing in was not lining our pocket.  The fact is, the incoming small change was wearing out the lining.  A few comments from our little crew of purchasers justifiably put me to shame. “It’s a great and useful product, but you could use a little advice in the presentation department.” This was the gentlest of comments. The most devastating was from an editor to whom  I sent a little silly, selly story comparing our electric powered bike to a motorcycle.  His rejection was brief and to the point. “Your story is too cutesy wootsey for our national publication.  The attempt to sell wasn’t even hidden.  We thank you for your offer and good luck. Regards, Editor.”

Ouch, ouch, ouch. It took me a while to get over my hurt and anger and start thinking rationally about what was staring me in the eye.  JP was supportive somewhat and added suggestions.  Now I’m really getting mad. Maybe I’m a lousy writer and a slow learner but I like to write and I do learn.  My first sensible move was taking the advertising books back to the library.  Next, we decided to take the gentleman’s advice and pay attention to what we sent out.  No more Xerox copies of a fairly good brochure that was type written.  It went to the printers.  We also decided to start advertising. I goofed on this aspect.  Not knowing of typeset, I labored for hours designing my first 2″ advertisement. The photo was dark, the printing was the very best I could do and not sufficient. But we sent it out.  It didn’t generate many sales.

Cost was $2000.00. The magazines advertising department called next month and said “Would you like to run that ad again in the next issue?” “No,” I said, “It didn’t do as well as we were hoping for.” “Well,” says he, “We could design one for you, typeset it, and give you a proof for your okay before it goes to press.” “What do you mean by typeset?” I asked.  We didn’t go in again that time but went back to the drawing board. Meanwhile word of mouth sales picked up a bit and we had letterheads printed.  I had them printed in gold and they were drop dead gorgeous.  I reluctantly sent them out to most inquiries who just wanted a Free Brochure.

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