Blog #43

It’s been such a cold and blustery winter here in upstate NY the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAicicles outside my window are slanting southward. The continuous north wind has blown them in that direction. It was so cold one day when we walked, one of my top eyelashes froze to the bottom eyelash and I had to deglove, hold my warm hand to de-ice it before it could open to see again. This is Global Warming???
I better stick to business, not my eyelashes.
When testing was complete with the hub motor kits, we sent a few out to our test pilots. They always put me to shame by how far they go and how detailed a report they send back as compared to my I’m tired. I’m cold, I’m hungry. They gave us a few suggestions as to how they handle the charging, the batteries, and minor problems they came across. We started selling them and like most of our products, it takes a long time to introduce something new. Word of mouth is our best advertising. It has worked very well for our large machines. It did take a long time to get enough out there so others saw and heard of them. Our business is not like the pet rock business that sprouted years ago, bloomed, made someone very rich, then rolled away. Who in their right mind would buy a pet rock? This nut did!
The sales are still lower than we expected but advertising is so costly. We have never gone into debt to push a product. We’ve met those who have and succeeded in their business. Good for them, but risk is not worth losing a business that we enjoy and have put so much time, effort and pride into. So our Hub motors will chug along until they are noticed. Sorry to note in today’s news, Mr Dahl passed away. Paper said he was  Pet Rock’s originator and made millions. This thousandaire is pea green with envy!