Blog #42

The testing continued…

Seems I left us under a dark cloud.
That was the good part of the next 45 minutes. The later it got, the more autos passed by. And now the wind was picking up the dust from shoulder’s edge every time they went by encompassing me in little cloud of dirt. Smilin Jack came by too. My arms were tired, my throat, dry and scratchy, my body stiff while the little Hub motor that thought it could, did. To add to my comfort, big splots of cold rain began to land on my dusty hair. I was down near the hangers when I decided I’d had enough even if cycle wanted to go further. I hadn’t seen JP on my homeward journey. The trike didn’t slow even as it pulled me up the slight hill of our drive into the garage. There sat the bike rider. With his glance up he said, Well it finally quit on you. Did Not, Did Not I yelled while peeling my wet cold sweater off of a stuck to my skin cotton sleeveless blouse. Seems the bike had started to slow so was brought home while it still had power. I announced I was too uncomfortable to test till it quit. He said it had gone far enough to prove a good range. We’ll test it a couple more times, then machine test it. I must admit it did very well both range and speed wise but who would sit that long on a trike? Not this Senior Citizen! We did switch to the Hub motor. It was a good move but, more work than I expected. What some small businesses have to put up with a change is so much more time consuming than a large company has to. I remember when I worked as long distance operator for the telephone Co. in Syracuse NY. The powers †hat were decided to move one piece of equipment to other end of the long line of operators. It was the operational part that allowed me to set up the transfer of AP photos from their place of origin to our Syracuse Post Standard and Herald Journal newspapers.
I left work late that Friday afternoon and came in for my Saturday evening shift.
Voila, it was done!
A small business owner, his wife, and son, would, after a full days work, have begun the chore themselves that evening. One wears many hats trying to build a business.

Blog #41

Jeepers Creepers. It’s another year closer to our future. It’s so good not to know what’s in store for us. Some of us might try to back out, while others race ahead.
Like life, the electric technology is in constant flux. Our attachable kits sales had slowed and we were investigating the hub motors that caught our engineer’s interest.
Seemed to have more Pros than Cons going for it. We tried a few on the bikes and trikes; they had good power. The kit would have no friction drive wheel spinning on the tire. Changing between speeds was very smooth. We also checked to see how durable they were. We had checked with one Model that had been in use for a while on a different application. Most comparisons favored the change to a Hub Motor . For those like myself who hadn’t seen a hub motor it was surprising to see the motor built right into the wheel. More surprising was the actual testing of a trike to check speed, range, etc.. I was chosen to check out the trike. JP rode the bike. We usually test our products on the small Airport Road here in Endicott. The road not too busy in middle of day is fairly flat with dirt shoulders. Fortunately we had chosen a sunny day for testing. We started off grinning at each other. The bike went 20mph so with a speed of 12mph, I was soon alone with my little red adult trike. Barely do I get to leave the office, so it was enjoyable to see rabbits run across the road in front and butterflies pass and ride with me briefly. The air wafted with wild flower fragrance. A car passed while I traveled the shoulder and returned to road. Since I was testing vehicle for range and speed, I could not stop. Airport Road is shaped like a long needle with an eye like loop at the far end where the tower and hangers are located. The distance, perhaps total, down and back,3.5 miles. Second car passed just as I spotted JP returning on other side of road. We smiled and waved. This pleased me for an hour or so although it became slightly uncomfortable being in same position. I would stretch one leg and then the other. Meanwhile JP was zipping past me from behind and later zipping toward me on other lane. Clouds were gathering to block the sunshine that warmed the afternoon air.
The wind picked up a bit so I was glad I had brought a sweater. Was rather difficult to don the garment with one hand having to stay on the throttle so it wouldn’t stop. Thank goodness no cars were coming as I weaved over the other side of the road where Zippy JP was approaching. He yelled, “What are you doing?” and was out of earshot before I could answer. I steered back to my side of the road. My grin had faded by the time he passed me from behind. With wind picking up I was getting some dust from road’s shoulder as cars passed me. The clouds darkened.
I’m past my word count so as not to bore you anymore today; I will continue this in next blog.