Blog # 37

This has nothing to do with business and probably doesn’t belong here but sometimes you need to vent and I’m gonna.

The Kiss
It’s one of the silliest things we humans do. Didn’t like it when I was young, or middle aged or now. Whoever decided that puckering your lips, touching another and then making a small pop sound was romantic or pleasing? Everyone looks silly puckering up. Then pop! I call ’em Pucker Pops. And how stupid is it if you have done something worthwhile to help or please another, they want to pucker pop you. Eeeeks! Your family likes to pucker pop the rest of the family if they haven’t seen them for a while. Don’t they think that sharing genes is enough? I love my family and don’t stop them but it’s habit. Watch the winners of races whether car or bike or on foot, in boat, plane or motorcycle. They get pucker popped from many they’ve never met. Women think it’s a reward for you.The older ones don’t even have to pucker, it’s there already. They just pop.
I am a romantic but lean back from kissing even with people I care for. It’s not the germs, It’s not the feel or the noise. It’s the nonsense of doing it. I’ve racked my brain for an alternative to show excitement or encouragement or pride. Alas to no avail. If I do come up with something better I won’t let anyone know because they will Pucker Pop me.

Blog #36

I looked in the mirror at our world wide activities. We are a major part of the problem.
Had an great surprise last week from customer. And here’s what happened. Jack II who runs the shop was helping phone talk a fellow through a repair. The guy was down on his knees repairing his Twosome. Jack curiously asked him when he was born. Without hesitation the fellow said,”1914″. We’re gonna try to get a picture for all of us to see. If I get one, will put it on immediately.
Anyway, these new vehicles sold well. Quite a few to customers who had had their Palmer for 10 or 20 years. Seems the need to get rid of shifter was more prevalent than we thought. It also got rid of most noise. Here was a progressive benefit to our company. There are many self made mistakes in trying to grow your own business as every company, small and large, knows. (IE: Edsel). Because the government wouldn’t help pay for our customer’s scooter as they were outdoor vehicles, we wasted much time and effort building and indoor/outdoor one. It was a smaller version of our single seat scooter. Had all the power, weight capacity and a slower speed. We did much testing in and out. The thing that finally put a Kibosh on project was the need to go with smaller wheels. We tried many kinds and the guys were too opposed to give up safety for outdoor riding. They would have had to add wheels to back end of vehicle to keep it from tipping on the slightest of grades. What good was all our power if one can’t climb the hill for fear of tipping back. We decided to forgo government’s payout and keep scooters outdoor safe. We have never regretted our decision.
Good News! We received picture of our 100 year old pilot on his Palmer. We are so proud to have Mr. La Fontaine, in VermontMr. La Fontaine as one of our pilots. He still works on his own vehicle. There should be Oscars for those who inspire us.

Blog #35


DSCN0180Enclosure-2-accesssory1205Hello you two. A lot is happening in our unsatisfied world. It seems to be broiling in many spots and it’s not the climate change heating it up.  September is knocking at our door and the wood pile is being readied. At this time in about 2003, we were designing a plastic enclosure for our electric vehicle owners who ride year round weather permitting. It took a long time  to get it the way we wanted. We tried so many different combinations of plastic and canvass, snaps and zippers, thread and Velcro that we had more prototypes stacking up in our stock pile than we did any other accessory. I truly believe we didn’t know the amount of time it would take to get the product out of the door so the customer was pleased.  We sent some out and they came back. One accessory like that takes so much effort.  We had seamstresses and fabric  people working with us plus a number of customers suggesting what they would use. The winter snow and cold cracked some plastic, froze some zippers. Finally we stumbled onto the right combination and the Enclosure along with the Windshield for support satisfied most needs and weather conditions. Good grief, now the riders started adding their own accoutrements.   A couple rigged up heaters, one mentioned riding with a small fan. And one hung a swinging lamp inside the enclosure.   How he could see out was beyond us , but he said people could see him in the evening.  Palmer pilots sure are creative.
PS. That is not part of our woodpile, it’s belongs to a customer in Hawaii.


Blog #34

Hello, if anyone reads these Blogs. I’m back to update you on our history progress, and let you know what we’ve done recently. Making the vehicles quieter, more powerful and automatic was not the only upgrade made back in 2002. Little did I realize the benefits of the circuit board adaptation to the dash panel. It made the vehicles so much easier to diagnose and repair. The circuit board consolidates the wires and keeps them in same place under dash panel. Our owners Manual shows which wires go to which switch. Now, a lot of our customers can replace a bad switch if they have the confidence to try it. (They can always call the shop guys, who build them, if they have a problem). The unsung little circuit board benefits the customer and us.  These new scooters sold well and quite a few to customers who had had their Palmer for 10 or 20 years. And speaking of older vehicles, I am including a picture of the 29 year old Palmer Twosome  we29 yr old veh small2 recently tuned up for a customer.  We are often asked if we have any used vehicles and it’s a rarity if we do. As I mentioned before, when one  of our vehicles is no longer used  by a customer, they keep it in the family for someone else, or sell it to a friend. The ability to vitaminize these confirms  how durable we made them to begin with. To me, it confirms how quickly I’m aging.  The  aged vehicle still runs well and as you can see, looks good.  If  only this aged  one could live up to that maxim.