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I can’t believe it took a drone to plunk me back into the blog. I’ve never been good at prioritizing.

When the gals in the office are out sick or on vacation, I fill in on the inquiry phone and I get a lots of comments. Here are a few: “How old are you? Do you have a cold? Is this a business? Can I speaka somea onea who speaka da Eeengaleesha?” I also enjoy talking with the perspective customers and learning about what they are interested in. Today, I talked to a man who wants to restore his Mother’s vehicle and use it himself. He asked my name and I gave it. He said, “Oh, you are one of the top people.”
I had to laugh and tell him if he came by the Palmer Industries Totem Pole, he’d stub his toe on me. Talking directly to customers on the phone is very beneficial and I think more companies should try it. I am really annoyed when a company lets me speak to ones who only take your information and say they’ll pass it on. Yeah, right! Customers’ suggestions, compliments and complaints are best way to improve product.
I realize I’m skipping a few years but I’m slow and needed a motivational goal of half way. And 20 years is that date. A lot of my writing is boring. The business has never bored the guys. They are always enthusiastic, even when their ideas don’t reach their expectations. Like Tommy Edison, they found out what didn’t work. I’ve contributed a few brilliant ideas myself, like when they designed a stronger more powerful motor, I wanted them to make it faster. No one saluted my speed flag. But they did let me try a vehicle with one of our testing motors. If it had wings, it would have flown. It was so exciting, but frightfully exciting. Too fast for me or the others to feel comfortable and in control. This “Don’t tell me, Show me” mid western female learned they were right. So we kept with 13 MPH speed that seems to agree with most of our pilots.
By this time, we had given up on the government helping pay for our American made mobility products. They approved them but would not help our customers pay for one. Our government had become our biggest competitor, and still is.
The newer vehicle seemed streamlined to us then. Although shifting was easy, automatic was a big improvement attention wise and made it easier for people who had a stroke to just twist grip for more speed without shifting.
Also, that middle of the vehicle shifter was eliminated and single seat female driver could wear a skirt or dress without wrinkling it.
Little improvements make our products more useful. However, every change means a new Owners Manual and Parts List. And someone has to keep up on all that paperwork!!! Tell us you need a part and we have to look in the right Owners Parts list to send you what you need. This year, our 40th year in business, finds us without our original suppliers as over half have gone under, gone overseas or sold to someone else who manufactures different part configurations. We pride ourselves on having parts for everything we’ve made and that takes a lot of resourcing time. Our degreed engineers are good but in many cases, the guys working the nuts and bolts, screwdrivers, and hoists come up with simple, effective solutions to complex problems. Bless the do-it-yourselfer engineers that we are lucky to have as co-workers. I’m over my word count.
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I saw the CEO of Amazon proudly display his newest delivery gadget. What was he thinking? Another Nobel invention to spread havoc across his, ours or other nations. We could solve many problems with this. Talk about your germ warfare, how about viruses and the lowly bacteria not to mention illnesses and flesh eating prowlers. And in less than 30 minutes they can invade the unsuspecting..

Maybe it will save money. No need for disease control workers. It can’t work. And how about the air space above your home. Full of copters competing for your sales, health insurance, loyalty, religion or even maybe your patriotism. How high up do we own? Can we sell it like our underground resources?

Talk about space invasion, Airwaves once free, now owned by drone heads. Beer glass, tear gas, locktite, dynamite, cookers, hookers (they’ll soon get past the 5 lb limit.) and all within 30 minutes of your order or whoever sends it to you.

Oh please deliver us from this evil, but not by drone!