Blog # 26

I’m back. It’s been a while and I missed writing, however I acquired some new things and lost some old. As for the new, I have a hole in my head and two Titanium screws. One is a bit lose and makes a small point on my noggin. Not on top but above left ear pointing towards whatever is to the left of me. For loss, surgery on brain seems to have cauterized a few memories. Since I can’t remember them, where is the loss? It’s good to back bangin the bits.

Now, to continue where I left off.

Simple computering was difficultized in our office by age and fear. The girls and I stumbled into cyberspace together. We were afraid to push keys that didn’t spell something.
JP had said the computer would cut down on paper work. Little did he realize we made instruction notes on every move we made the first six months. Which was the On button, how to open it, how long to wait before touching it again. Why the screen was still dark. Which button in back turned something on. Lisa’s small screen shrank with notes jutting at every angle and arrows pointing hither and thither. An open office window with a good breeze put us in jigsaw puzzle mode hastily trying to reattach all of our notes.
I felt the Apple Club hated to see me come in with my list of questions for Show and tell time. I had no idea of computerese and my thingamajigs and doohickies didn’t translate. When JP said we had to back up the computer, I shoved it to the back of the desk.
But his persistence paid off and although we could do nothing about our ages, the fear diminished as we delighted in the speed and accuracy of that tan machine with a colorful striped apple greeting us every morning.
It proved much more efficient for us as we missed no inquiry question since they were listed with a blank line to fill in. It also made our advertising better. Took quite a while and a great number of courses to learn the graphic aspects of designing advertisements, brochures and flyers. When the charge for a 2″ advertisement bites $6000.00 out of your Advertising budget, you better have just what you want. Mistakes were extremely costly.
The competition was also expanding. We had made the first electric attachable kit on the market for adult three wheelers. Many jumped on our little bandwagon.