Blog #25

Attempting to write a life line of the company is more emotional than expected. So exciting at times, so eyebrow raising at others. As for the Chronology, I am fortunate enough to work with a planner. And a planner keeps a small notebook with him/her as a to do list, appointment schedule, reminder of names, dates and promises. Thank the powers that be it’s too small to also include his ” to do”list for me. However it comes in handy that he’s kept most of those little yearly day by day calendar books. I dig them out of their storage box to remind me of the next happening.
As we began expanding our product line, we entered the computer age. The mention of it threw the office people into a tizzy. “We write the inquiries down on long lists of papers with the questions printed that we ask, we keep type written index cards on every customer that owns any of our products. We can’t answer a phone and type at the same time. I’ve heard,there are a zillion codes to memorize. Those computers like to crash.” Our complaints were in vain.
A Lisa showed up on the biggest wooden desk in the office. It boasted an enormous 128K of ram what ever that meant. JP thought the easiest and quickest way to learn computing on was an Apple. Maybe all our protests weren’t in vain.
He also liked the Lisa because of its graphic abilities. He had decided a on a Program that seemed compatible with what we needed in addition to what came with the Apple Computer. It was called 1st Base, a non relational data base programing language. To enhance our knowledege of the computer and what it could do for us, he and reluctantly I joined the local Apple Club. Over the years, the choice of an Apple Computer and the knowledge gleaned from the creative innovators in our club has proved invaluable to our business.