Blog # 19

The frost is nibbling at our shingles. And that means a bit of slow time for the PI. Even though we sell to the warmer climate states, the coolness of winter slows our sales. It’s catch up time.
The introduction of the Palmer Independence single seat electric wheelchair or electric scooter as some call it was an easier transition than was the Palmer Twosome, our electric two seater. Since we used same basic frame, both vehicles could carry 550 lbs. but the twosome was wider and required larger entrance way and sometimes wider ramp railings. It travels same speed as Independence, but goes slower when climbing the steeper hills. Our accessories list began to grow.
People with manual wheelchairs wanted to take them along. We began to offer cane holders. Directional signals became a standard item. Folks in windy areas wanted a windshield. Our list continues to grow even today. And it changes, from CB holder to cell phone charger.
Thousands of little things you don’t think of when starting a business usurp a great deal of your productive time.
We were still selling our attachable electric kits when the new vehicles were introduced and selling parts for the kits and Happy Wanderers. We first sold the HW’s in 1976 and continued until 1981 when we transitioned to the more powerful transaxle vehicles. Just last month we sold a part for a ’78 HW. He was happy to know we were still in business and we were happy to know our first outdoor electric vehicles were still servicing their owners.
The newer vehicles were rugged, faster and as mentioned, could climb very steep hills. Houston, we have a problem. Building it bigger, faster and stronger was too much temptation for a few owners.
I’m at 267 words and past my limit. To be continued.

Blog # 18

It’s taken us a while to rearrange our Blogs and get them on our site, not Blogspot’s site. Theirs are free, but you do not get Search Engine Credit. They do. Also found out my blog was too long. Did I put readers to sleep? Sorry for sending out so much babble but thought that was the point of a blog. Oh, by the way, to the person who sent a comment for our approval on Blog #5, forgive me but I don’t read Russian.
Had a bad day at work yesterday and spent the majority of it fixing things or looking for the tools to fix them with. All my fault but lady luck could have popped in for just a minute.. I was knee deep in reconciling accounts and being early morning, thought I’d have a cup of coffee. I ran the bean grinder to replace what I had taken, as the coffee was brewing up a delicious odor. Began to heat a cinnamon roll in Microwave, had all lights on and 3 computers waiting for me to get back to work. Clicked on radio to catch some music and Kablooie. Everything went off. Downstairs I went to click the circuit breaker. All looked ok and I couldn’t remember which was the breaker for goodies. Fool that I am, I switched a breaker, nobody yelled , so I continued to flick breakers until one of the gals began banging her feet on the floor above. I came up to learn, not only was the kitchenette dark but so were the office lights, computers, and the phones were not working. Back down to flick them back. The phones came on and one of the gals made an outside call to a 918 area code. By mistake she hit 911. They responded RAPIDLY and said regardless of our of mistake, the Police were on their way. Geeze Louise, but I understood their need to check out an emergency call. The day did not improve.
But, our new vehicles had improved the year we made those rather drastic changes in power and design. I personally was miffed that the name changed. Our vehicles were becoming known as the Palmer vehicles. As much as I like my name, “Happy Wanderer” fits their use so well. Now, more shows, and these vehicles were heavier and more rugged. Once again, customers added their own unique attachments to what we thought was a perfectly designed wheelchair or just an electric vehicle for local errands.
Am I beginning to hear snoring? Catch you later.