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Blog #49

Geeze Louise, we are already getting lots of questions on these new vehicles. Guess I didn’t put everything in that people wanted to know.  I think I talked too much, but here’s answers to questions the gals  have been asked. Yes, they have Battery powered headlight and tail light IF you stay out too late!  No, they do not have turn signals. Yes, they have same stainless steel foot platform as the original vehicles, and front cowl still there. If you have any other question, call the gals cause I can’t remember much more. Just one I forgot, the front wheel drive carries 400 lbs and the rear wheel drive still carries 550 lbs.

The presidential circus continues to hold  interest. The clown talked too much and fell from his high wire as the elephant balances Pinocchio up the hill on his trunk trying to avoid tripping over the puppets growing nose.  The third juggler is spinning around on his one hope unicycle trying to get somewhere. Meanwhile Jack and Jill run up the other side of the mountain hand in hand but hitting each other and us on the head with a bucket of empty promises.  Well one has some green stuff in her half of bucket.  If the clown would only follow his silent majority lead and shut up, he might have a chance. If Pinocchio didn’t have the elephant on his side he would never make center stage and the uni-cyclist,  who watches him whilst the others do prat falls and  mirror and smoke voodoo magic . I won’t see another comedy act like this in my lifetime.  Does anyone think the one of these 5  who  survives this fiasco deserves to become  President of our Wonderland  called America?

Where is beetlebomb?





Blog #48

What is going on weather wise.? Yesterday, woke up to 3″ of snow. That’s more than we had all winter. Cloudy day but sun came up long enough to melt snow  on sidewalk into puddles.  By  3 PM started turning  cold again . This morning found yesterday’s puddles seduced by ice.  Our morning walk was a slippery,  bone chilling 15  degrees. My  beautiful ,  3 day ago,  blooming magnolia tree although covered with king size sheets, resembles a young fruit tree full of dead mahogany colored peaches.

Am thinking I didn’t quite finish telling you of changes made to make our scooters as  useful but less expensive  than our deluxe scooters. If you are not use to my style of critiquing these vehicles,  I tell it like I see it.  So here goes. If and when you want to resell, you won’t  get as much as  the Deluxe resell prices. But  then  you didn’t pay as much for your Palmer Lite either. When a customer calls us asking year and model of a Serial # we give it out but not the name of owner. That’s a negative if you plan to resell it as our more powerful model. The good news, we continue to supply parts for everything we make as we have these past 44 years. Now you’ve heard the up and downside, here’s an  upbeat item. Tho they don’t have a dash panel, they all have  Battery three color Level Indicator Light so you’ll know an approximation of how much power is left. Some of us don’t pay attention to how far we’ve gone.  Another good point, all Lite vehicles have full suspension and Mag wheels. To confirm these observations, they  had  those of us who scoot around on office chairs all day ride the Lites.  Agreed opinions, seems a bit faster than  our more powerful vehicles. They are not, but reason is they are  lighter.  Also we were told  all the Lite Palmers  are 48 Volt systems. We office mechanics think 48 volts must go faster than the  24 volt scooters.  The younger gals liked the Lites.  We voices of wisdom and experience liked the heavier scooters.

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Blog #47

I lost my last @#!!!&** Blog. Maybe it’s a good thing. Or someone of the 4 that use my computer didn’t like my thoughts on the TV circus of presidential candidates. The only thing I remember in it was noting the hypocrites, liars, loud mouthing and not to forget the journalists rolling around in that dung heap to get some attention for themselves. Remember voters, they are all practicing their prowess to remain or become a politician.

In  case you didn’t read my last blog, I was telling you how we cut down to bare bones  our big machines. Weight was cut by using hub motor instead of the go anywhere heavy transaxle drive. Also batteries are much smaller and lighter. They are sealed. We  are not able to offer the 50 mile, range but 20 will get  most people where they want to go. Charger is now only about 4″ x 4″ in size. Take it with you  and charge scooter when you get to your destination. That will increase your range if you are  in doubt. I kinda like to think of the new vehicles as you’re “driving by the seat of your pants”,  but that doesn’t sit so well with marketing. D. Trump is rubbing off on me.   Speed stayed the same. Percent of safety decreases rapidly after the 13MPH threshold.  My personal insistence  (seldom heeded)  on  the large rear basket withstood the cut.  We have offered  4 choices in these configurations:  An Independence front wheel hub drive or Independence rear 2 wheel drive.  The Twosome offers the  same choices:  Front wheel Drive or hub motor on each rear wheel.  If you want more info like pricing, look on the Palmer Lite page of our   website.

I’ll finish up the changes made next  time with more details.

This stinker computer warns me of word limit approach. Be careful what you wish for!


Blog # 46

Can you believe this Weather?  Here in Endicott, NY, we had 64 degrees in February and yesterday it was78 degrees. I believe, I believe.

I’ve gotten  questions via  phone as to my blog. I’ll answer one of the very few right now and  clear the air.

Why don’t I allow  readers to respond on my blog? – I did at first and within 3 weeks I had over 300 comments on my page. The majority had nothing to do with my blog. They were attempting to sell or promote their own  products using my space and time.  One  third didn’t make any sense what so ever.   And  the few that actually read and commented on the blog, must have been English teachers checking my mistakes with a joyous flourishing of their red pencils. Hello, It’s not a dissertation.

There, one down.   On to my trials and tribulations in this business. The hub motors are  selling pretty well because of my fine salesman , pen and ink, NOT!!  Word of mouth, the best sales technique in the world,  is what’s getting these hub motor kits out  the door.  The product itself is doing the work making sales.

One of the new products I mentioned in  a previous  Blog is starting up now.  So many people want and many really need outdoor transportation but the yahoos in Congress  who are not disabled won’t help you pay for it.  We decided one  way to get  some of our vehicles  out there to those who need it was to cut  the single seat Independence and the two seat Twosome down to it’s most necessary items, we’re talking bare bones here. Many people don’t need to climb the steepest hills in San Francisco. Nor do they need to go 50 miles.  Lights, we consider a safety factor  and fortunately the new clip on LEDs are super good.  We whittled down as much as we could and our prices are almost cut in half, and yes,  we continue to make our large more powerful ones.  Some of us like Fords, some like Cadillacs. I will continue this with better explanation, next blog.

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Blog #45

Oh boy Oh boy, it’s Holiday Time. No matter your religion or beliefs this is the Sparkliest time of the year.  The music, the clothing, the stories, events, the children, the food, the parties, the family togetherness, the renewal of faith, the forgivings, and the thanksgivings. (That says it all without a verb.) Even if you are alone at this time, you can see or hear it, you have good memories of loved ones, of your youth, old friends, mostly good times and the ability to think!  “Cognito  ergo sum” said Descartes, “I think , therefore I am” .  Hooray for all of the  I ams this season. Long thinking to us all.



Blog # 44


This blog was written a couple months ago, then we lost our Blog contact. Seems we updated something and the Blog didn’t climb with it.  Now, both the blog and I are  updated.  Back up my dears, BACK UP!!

One of my favorite singers Birthday is around now. She was without a doubt one of the toughest females who could handle everybody but herself. She was addicted to drugs, bad men choices, alcohol and insincere people who used her, abused her, stole from her, lied to her and yet she could sing with all the heart and soul of Judy Garland. She did it in her Jazz style and Blues. She died at 44. Happy 100th Eleanor Fagan Hoag otherwise known as Billie Holiday.

The only  thing one can count on in life is change. So here was our next change at the PI. We had now switched to  attachable hub motor kits for customers trikes and  bikes. We  also  switched our  Commander  and Shopper Trikes  over to the Hub Motors.  Made a big difference in performance, easier to operate and less wear  on tires as it was no longer friction  drive. The kits have more power than before and the controller is  no  longer that thing that looks like a black, perforated tin  can step down system; it’s solid state. Oh the beauty of progress. The change of motor  kits and  the Shopper and Commander trikes requires no engagement lever as  before. What the dickens do we do with  all those boxes of Engagement  Levers we had formed? The kit sales are beginning to pick up. But this season is our slow time so we are now concentrating on two new products. Same ole, Same ole, but with different power source and hot dog, less expensive retail price.  Am not suppose to talk  about it yet. Toodle Loo for now.


Blog #43

It’s been such a cold and blustery winter here in upstate NY the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAicicles outside my window are slanting southward. The continuous north wind has blown them in that direction. It was so cold one day when we walked, one of my top eyelashes froze to the bottom eyelash and I had to deglove, hold my warm hand to de-ice it before it could open to see again. This is Global Warming???
I better stick to business, not my eyelashes.
When testing was complete with the hub motor kits, we sent a few out to our test pilots. They always put me to shame by how far they go and how detailed a report they send back as compared to my I’m tired. I’m cold, I’m hungry. They gave us a few suggestions as to how they handle the charging, the batteries, and minor problems they came across. We started selling them and like most of our products, it takes a long time to introduce something new. Word of mouth is our best advertising. It has worked very well for our large machines. It did take a long time to get enough out there so others saw and heard of them. Our business is not like the pet rock business that sprouted years ago, bloomed, made someone very rich, then rolled away. Who in their right mind would buy a pet rock? This nut did!
The sales are still lower than we expected but advertising is so costly. We have never gone into debt to push a product. We’ve met those who have and succeeded in their business. Good for them, but risk is not worth losing a business that we enjoy and have put so much time, effort and pride into. So our Hub motors will chug along until they are noticed. Sorry to note in today’s news, Mr Dahl passed away. Paper said he was  Pet Rock’s originator and made millions. This thousandaire is pea green with envy!

Blog #42

The testing continued…

Seems I left us under a dark cloud.
That was the good part of the next 45 minutes. The later it got, the more autos passed by. And now the wind was picking up the dust from shoulder’s edge every time they went by encompassing me in little cloud of dirt. Smilin Jack came by too. My arms were tired, my throat, dry and scratchy, my body stiff while the little Hub motor that thought it could, did. To add to my comfort, big splots of cold rain began to land on my dusty hair. I was down near the hangers when I decided I’d had enough even if cycle wanted to go further. I hadn’t seen JP on my homeward journey. The trike didn’t slow even as it pulled me up the slight hill of our drive into the garage. There sat the bike rider. With his glance up he said, Well it finally quit on you. Did Not, Did Not I yelled while peeling my wet cold sweater off of a stuck to my skin cotton sleeveless blouse. Seems the bike had started to slow so was brought home while it still had power. I announced I was too uncomfortable to test till it quit. He said it had gone far enough to prove a good range. We’ll test it a couple more times, then machine test it. I must admit it did very well both range and speed wise but who would sit that long on a trike? Not this Senior Citizen! We did switch to the Hub motor. It was a good move but, more work than I expected. What some small businesses have to put up with a change is so much more time consuming than a large company has to. I remember when I worked as long distance operator for the telephone Co. in Syracuse NY. The powers †hat were decided to move one piece of equipment to other end of the long line of operators. It was the operational part that allowed me to set up the transfer of AP photos from their place of origin to our Syracuse Post Standard and Herald Journal newspapers.
I left work late that Friday afternoon and came in for my Saturday evening shift.
Voila, it was done!
A small business owner, his wife, and son, would, after a full days work, have begun the chore themselves that evening. One wears many hats trying to build a business.

Blog #41

Jeepers Creepers. It’s another year closer to our future. It’s so good not to know what’s in store for us. Some of us might try to back out, while others race ahead.
Like life, the electric technology is in constant flux. Our attachable kits sales had slowed and we were investigating the hub motors that caught our engineer’s interest.
Seemed to have more Pros than Cons going for it. We tried a few on the bikes and trikes; they had good power. The kit would have no friction drive wheel spinning on the tire. Changing between speeds was very smooth. We also checked to see how durable they were. We had checked with one Model that had been in use for a while on a different application. Most comparisons favored the change to a Hub Motor . For those like myself who hadn’t seen a hub motor it was surprising to see the motor built right into the wheel. More surprising was the actual testing of a trike to check speed, range, etc.. I was chosen to check out the trike. JP rode the bike. We usually test our products on the small Airport Road here in Endicott. The road not too busy in middle of day is fairly flat with dirt shoulders. Fortunately we had chosen a sunny day for testing. We started off grinning at each other. The bike went 20mph so with a speed of 12mph, I was soon alone with my little red adult trike. Barely do I get to leave the office, so it was enjoyable to see rabbits run across the road in front and butterflies pass and ride with me briefly. The air wafted with wild flower fragrance. A car passed while I traveled the shoulder and returned to road. Since I was testing vehicle for range and speed, I could not stop. Airport Road is shaped like a long needle with an eye like loop at the far end where the tower and hangers are located. The distance, perhaps total, down and back,3.5 miles. Second car passed just as I spotted JP returning on other side of road. We smiled and waved. This pleased me for an hour or so although it became slightly uncomfortable being in same position. I would stretch one leg and then the other. Meanwhile JP was zipping past me from behind and later zipping toward me on other lane. Clouds were gathering to block the sunshine that warmed the afternoon air.
The wind picked up a bit so I was glad I had brought a sweater. Was rather difficult to don the garment with one hand having to stay on the throttle so it wouldn’t stop. Thank goodness no cars were coming as I weaved over the other side of the road where Zippy JP was approaching. He yelled, “What are you doing?” and was out of earshot before I could answer. I steered back to my side of the road. My grin had faded by the time he passed me from behind. With wind picking up I was getting some dust from road’s shoulder as cars passed me. The clouds darkened.
I’m past my word count so as not to bore you anymore today; I will continue this in next blog.

Blog #40

hybridblogIf you both don’t mind, I’d like to skip a few years of the business. I can’t seem to remember the years we were adding little improvements to the Model 24 scooters. Nor can I find JP’s little black books to assist the memories so we’re going to be winging it for a while. I do remember what I thought about selling a hybrid scooter .
The guys at the shop worked on it for quite sometime.The longer it took, the more I wondered who would want a vehicle that could go that far and further if you made pit stop at gas station to fill’er up. Didn’t sound too practical for women as one has to pull start the little generator on back. Most of us aren’t that energetic. The positive side, you always had a fairly quiet power source for a few of your necessities if your house power goes off. It surprised me to see how many were purchased that first year. I asked a few hybrid customers and it seems most wanted to have it as a spare backup. In Midwest, it’s an insurance policy against power outage for their home.
I think only time will tell how good the idea is and with the crazy weather as of late, indicator may edge to positive side. I can tell you some things I do like about it. It is fairly quiet when it runs and it only takes 3/4 of gallon of gas. Some think it is an electric motor and then switches to a gas motor. Not so. The generator simply recharges the batteries as you go along your way. No gas motor in the Palmer Hybrid.